An Ice Cream Cake that Isn’t An Ice Cream Cake

Thing One seems to have a knack for requesting birthday cakes that look like things, but aren’t things. Twice she’s requested “donut cakes,” including specific instructions last year that it should look like a donut, but not actually BE a donut. That’s why it didn’t come as a huge surprise this year when she requested an “ice cream cake that wasn’t really ice cream.”

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50 Awesome Halloween Ideas for the Crafting Challenged

Out of all the holidays that roll around each year giving us excuses to decorate, bake and generally get creative…Halloween is one of my favorites.  Yes, Christmas is great…but Halloween opens the door to go both spooky and harvesty and there’s just something about the cool crisp air and bonfires that always makes me want to throw a party.

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DIY Outdoor Movie Screen – 300 Inches of Awesome

I know you might find this hard to imagine…but sometimes, Mr W and I get a little carried away with our ideas. Of course more often than not…when we get carried away, the results are pretty dang cool. This was one of those times.

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In Goes the Blueberry Patch

rototilling to put in the blueberry patch

One of the single best features of my parents’ back yard is a bank of blueberry bushes that stand taller than me. From these bushes each summer, my parents harvest upwards of thirty or forty GALLONS of blueberries. With the exception of blackberries, blueberries are one of my absolute favorite fruits.

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Waterfall Project – Part Six

kids riding out in the tractor

Maybe it’s telling that I accidentally typed “party six” instead of “part six” in the title field…either way, we had another combined picnic/water hole evening with friends last weekend and thanks to the dad’s…we got quite a few more rocks cleared out as well.

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Freezer Meals – The Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

packing the freezer full of meals for a friend

I have a very, very dear friend that is next to impossible to buy gifts for at Christmas and at her birthday. She’s single, professionally successful and has one of those jobs that takes up a LOT of her time.  She does well enough for herself that she can buy almost anything she wants and her tastes are specific enough that you can’t usually risk spotting something unique and knowing she’ll like it.

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The Waterfall Project – Part Five

kids exploring around the waterfall

After two or three weeks of what felt like nightly work at the waterfall, we went almost a full month without making it down there at all. Between rainy weather, cold weather and a busy schedule, the waterfall ended up with a few weeks of solitude. Then it got a little warmer…picnic weather in fact.

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Our New (to us) Playground Project


a pile of plastic, wood and overgrown grass that will become the playground

For the last six months or so, the space behind our patio has looked like this. A big giant pile of plastic, wood and overgrown grass. There’s a reason for this, and it all got taken care of this past weekend.

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Waterfall Project Day Five

Mr W starting a fire

It’s been a week or two since we’d had a chance to get down to the waterfall to get some work done. First the rains moved in, then I started butting up against a few deadlines and Mr W headed off to help our friend Steve build some stairs. Basically, we’ve been BUSY!

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Waterfall Project – Day Four

waterfall work crew

Our fourth day down at the waterfall saw us with a full work crew. All three kids were with us and Hair had the afternoon off, so she had plans to join us not too long after we headed down. So we loaded up all the gear into the wagon and hung out while Mr W went to fill up the gas cans at the station.

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