About A Flexible Life


You know those people who work a million hours a week, spend half their life in the car playing taxi driver for their kids and fall into bed exhausted each night wondering when it will all end?

I’m not one of them.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I used to be. I gave birth to my oldest daughter and was back to the grindstone working 60 hour weeks when she was two weeks old. I carted my son on eleven business trips the first year of his life. I worked myself to the bone to avoid the things I didn’t like in life.

And then one day I didn’t. I woke up and I realized there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and that my kids needed to grow up in a world where they knew they were loved and cherished and came before anything else. And I needed that too.

So with two kids to support and the backing of my friends and a few months savings, I stopped working for other people and I started working for myself. It was one of the best moves I ever made. A few years later, I met and married Mr W and added his son to the mix. Before long, I convinced him to leave his corporate grind and hour commute behind to join me at the helm of my business.

It meant cutting a lot of expenses and changing the way we viewed what we need in life, but it also meant day to day freedom most people only dream about. We stand shoulder to shoulder at work, as parents, as best friends and in everything else.

We live on 22 acres in the Western Pennsylvania countryside. It’s the house his father was raised in on. Land that’s been in his family for 100 years. It’s where we were married and it’s where we make new memories every day.

It’s A Flexible Life, and it’s a good life.